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Training offered by ANEB is developed to educate professionals about eating disorders and common experiences of people who suffer from them. Training sessions address the nature of eating disorders (causes, consequences, triggers, warning signs) and suggest what to do and how to communicate with sufferers. Training is certified by Emploi-Québec and can be adapted to your specific needs.

Our training is now available in English!

Please note that travel expenses may be charged for centres outside of the Montreal area.

An informational document will help you to further understand the goals of training sessions as well as our terms and conditions. For further information about the goals of our professional training sessions, please contact Jérôme Tremblay, clinical coordinator at ANEB.


Webinar: Supporting teachers with positive body image and eating disorder prevention

ANEB and NEDIC are offering the chance to watch their webinar for free: Supporting teachers with positive body image and eating disorder prevention; a presentation for teachers on prevention related to body image and eating disorders in young people.

Click here to watch it for free.

Click here to download the slideshow.

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