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Body Obsession

Duration : 60 minutes
This conference is addressed to teenagers and adults.

This conference sheds light on the impacts of social pressure in relation to thinness, on the development of disordered eating behavior as well as body image appreciation. The Body Obsession conference also encourages participants to begin a critical reflection process about messages related to physical appearance that they are bombarded with by the media.

Cost : 200$/conference **Travel expenses will apply for requests outside of Montreal and the surrounding area.

For further information or to reserve a conference, please contact Mélanie Guénette-Robert, Coordinator of educational activities and the prevention component at ANEB.

Specific conference goals

  • Identify beliefs and prejudices that exist regarding weight, physical appearance and eating behaviours.
  • Recognize the possible impacts that our society’s perception of weight and physical appearance can have on us.
  • Realize the influence of the media on the appreciation of our own physical appearance and on our definition of beauty.
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