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Help and reference line 1 800 630-0907 514 630-0907

Reference Application

Treating an eating disorder is complex because of numerous individual, social, genetic and family-related factors that can influence the a person’s vulnerability to the illness. Many consequences, physical as well as emotional, can arise after the disordered eating begins. What’s more, eating disorders can be accompanied by one or more other problems, such as anxiety, mood disorders, or personality disorders, that act in tandem with the eating disorder and complicate the recovery process.

Taking these complications into account, ANEB believes it is important to recommend professionals specialised in eating disorder treatment. The organisation has established clear, defined guidelines for professional references. The following criteria are only guidelines; each request is checked by ANEB, who reserves the right to refuse to add someone to a list of references.

Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that the choice of a professional is at the discretion of the person in need. We recommend that a phone conversation take place between the client and the professional in order to validate the professional’s specialization, the help that can be offered, costs (if applicable) as well as any other information providing insight into the type of treatment proposed.

How to apply

*Please note that at all times, requests to be added to the list are evaluated individually by ANEB. The following list is only a guideline to evaluate the admissibility of the professional. ANEB reserves the right to accept or to refuse the addition of any new reference to the list at any time.

Click here to consult the inclusion criteria.

To add your professional contact information, please fill out the application form and send it to ANEB by e-mail at [email protected]. Along with the form, please attach an updated curriculum vitae as well as all copies of attestation to serve as proof of your experience.

Please note that applications will be evaluated every three months and that a telephone call will be made in order to validate your information.