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Help and reference line 1 800 630-0907 514 630-0907

Beyond Appearances conference: understanding eating disorders


The Beyond Appearances: Understanding Eating Disorders conferences is an adaptation of the training session Beyond Appearances. In these conferences, you will learn, for example, the development of a difficult relationship to eating, body image issues, eating disorders and their characteristics and so forth. These conferences also addresses the nature of eating disorders, different issues related to these disorders, and some best methods for communicating and intervening with people suffering from eating disorders.

  • for youth : 60 minutes
  • for the general public (adults) : 60-90 minutes
  • for school teachers and counsellors : 90-120 minutes
  • for counsellors who work with people on the Autism spectrum (ASD) 90-120 minutes

Cost : 225$/conference

Travel expenses will apply, for details click here

For further information or to reserve a conference, please contact Lise-Andrée Massé, education and prevention coordinator at ANEB by e-mail: [email protected] or phone 514 630-0907 or 1 800 630-0907.

Specific conference goals:

  • To acquire knowledge about the diagnostic criteria of eating disorders;
  • To understand the risk factors that can influence the development of eating disorders;
  • To recognize the possible consequences of, and issues relating to, eating disorders;
  • To identify basic principles of communicating with and helping someone struggling with an eating disorder.

Conferences are adapted to the specific needs of each centre.