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Several free, confidential and bilingual services are offered to help people suffering from an eating disorder and their loved ones. These services are offered everywhere in Quebec. Whether you need support, information or to raise awareness about eating disorders, our services have got you covered.

Open support groups

Support groups which offer free, confidential, individualized help. Some groups are offered for those suffering from eating disorders, and others are for their loved ones.

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The help and referral phone line

Our phone line is offered every day. You can quickly reach someone specialized in eating disorders to obtain support, to get more information about eating disorders and to obtain references for resources specialized in treatment.

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Online support

Several free and confidential services allow you to access online support about eating disorders.

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Closed support groups

Support groups that last 7 to 15 weeks are provided to develop a process of reflection on eating disorders. These support groups offer a way to find tools to cope. They are offered exclusively to people who are suffering from eating disorders or concerned about their behaviour around food.

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Youth facilitator travel to high schools and other youth and community organisations in order to try to prevent eating disorders. This section will help you locate which conferences may be offered in your area and will give you more information if you wish to book one. Conferences can also be offered to adults.

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Prevention kiosks

Facilitators travel to high schools and other youth and community organisations in order to hold information kiosks, which seek to raise awareness and prevent eating disorders. Several interactive activities are offered. These kiosks are also available for adults.

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Training sessions offered by ANEB have been developed with the objective of raising professionals’ awareness of eating disorders. The training sessions present the causes and consequences of eating disorders and teach intervention strategies.

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How to help a friend or loved one

An eating disorder is a complex disease which affects several spheres of life. It is not always easy to help the people struggling with this problem. This section will be useful for you if you want to know how to help someone suffering from an eating disorder.

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Resources by area

Many public and private resources exist in several areas of Quebec. These resources offer adapted services specialized in eating disorders. Visit this section if you’re looking for these types of resources.

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