Help and reference line 1 800 630-0907 514 630-0907
Help and reference line 1 800 630-0907 514 630-0907


ANEB could not provide its services without an extensive team of professionals and specialised volunteers and workers. Many people volunteer for ANEB, whether it’s for therapeutic services, offering inspiring testimonials or helping out with administrative tasks. More specifically, you can get involved by :

  • serving on the phone at the help and reference line
  • hosting awareness kiosks
  • offering testimonials, either written or in-person
  • participating in the organisation promotion committee
  • helping with graphic design, translation, or editing
  • participating as part of the Board of Directors
  • providing assistance during events or fundraising campaigns

Every action helps. To consult the eligibility criteria or if you’re interested in becoming a volunteer for the organisation, please consult and fill out the registration form and provide us with a copy of your CV and letter of intent.

Please note that candidates will be chosen according to the needs of the organisation. For more information, you can contact ANEB during our administrative hours.