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Eating disorders

Eating disorders are complex, and are generally characterised by abnormal eating patterns, a strong fear of weight gain, and an intense preoccupation with body image.

Anorexia nervosa

This disorder is generally associated with an intense fear of weight gain, a distortion of one’s body image, and severe dietary restrictions.

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This disorder is characterised by the presence of compulsive eating behaviours followed by compensatory measures. The compulsive behaviour tends to be accompanied by a feeling of a loss of control.

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Binge-eating disorder

Binge-eating disorder is characterised by episodes of intense compulsive eating. These episodes are not followed by compensatory measures. They tend to be accompanied by a feeling of a loss of control.

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Do you feel that food is taking up too much space in your life and that your relationship with it is becoming more and more complicated? Are you worried about your behaviour? We encourage you to complete this questionnaire to help you see a bit more clearly.

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Unspecified eating disorders

Unspecified eating disorders incorporate behaviours associated with one or more eating disorders, without fitting into any specific category. They can correspond to behaviours associated with an obsession with food or with body image.

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