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Mademoiselle Fripe

At Mademoiselle Fripe, the body doesn’t serve its clothing, but, rather, it is clothes that are at the service of the body. “Representing real life is our main mission, and in real life, not everyone is a millionaire and there is a lot of body diversity.” That’s why this website features very affordable second-hand clothes worn by women of all sizes. The business is based on the principle that our bodies are our stars, so why pay a fortune to hide it when you can pay peanuts to honour it?

The two young entrepreneurs at the head of the company found it important to help people in their age groups. Knowing that people aged 15 to 24 are at great risk of developing an eating disorder, since they are influenced by their circle of friends, want to feel part of the group and are searching for an identity, Mademoiselle Fripe is proudly donating 10% of the company’s annual profit to ANEB.

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Thank you for your generosity, Mademoiselle Fripe!

CHARITY NUMBER: 89 141 4195 RR 0001